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■ 2018/03/23

A graduation ceremony was held for the guraduate school of University of Tsukuba. Two from this laboratory got a master's degree and two have a doctorate degree. Congratulations to all of you.

■ 2015/07/24

Qing Shi took a degree of doctorate.
Congratulations! We wish you many successes.

■ 2015/05/30

Prof. Dr. Yosihiro Shiraiwa will be awarded "Marine Biotechnology Academy Award". Award celemony and honor lecture will be given at 17th Marine Biotechnology academic convension (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Shinagawa campus, 2015/05/30-31 Marine Biotechnology Academy Award is given to researchers who has been contributed to Marine Biotechnology. The award is for the resarch achievement "Elucidation of very long fatty acid chain synthesis pathway and basic researh for algal biofuel development in marine Haptophyceae".

■ 2015/04/13

Special seminar by a guest researcher,
Martin Lukes from Institute of Microbiology, CAS Algatech Centre

■ 2015/03/25

Graduation ceremony was held in Daigaku-kaikan. From our laboratory, two students for undergraduate and seven for master course were graduated.

■ 2015/03/20

Special lecture by Prof. Dr. Aalon Kaplan (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).

■ 2015/01/30

Special seminar by a guest researcher, Dr. Rebecca Knight from Unversity of Texas, USA.

■ 2014/12/12

Last presentation by a guest researcher, Ms. Angela Pelusi from Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Italy. She has visited here for totally six months and carried out a physiological study of haptophytes and FT-IR analysis of alkenones.


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■ 2015/08/28

Prof. Dr. Yoshiro Shiraiwa gave keynote speech about "Algal Biofuel Production Technology and Engineering" at INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABILITY INITIATIVES (ICSI 2015) IN CONJUNCTION WITH 8TH ASEAN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CONFERENCE (AEEC) held in UTM/MJIIT in Malaysia. more 1 more 2

■ 2015/08/22

Prof. Dr. Yoshiro Shiraiwa gave plenary lecture at 3rd International Conference on Coastal Biotechnology (ICCB2015) at Tsingtau, China. The title was "Metabolomic and Proteomic Study on Lipid production mechanism: An Approach toward Biofuel Production by Marine Microalgae". PDF

■ 2015/08/02

Prof. Dr. Iwane Suzuki and Shuntaro Machida presented their study at 15th International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes: ISPP at University of Tubingen, Germany.

"Analysis of signal-sensing mechanism of ethylene sensor from Arabidopsis by expression of chimeric sensors in Synechocystis"
Misaki Kawaguchi, Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, ○Iwane Suzuki

"Construction of cyanobacteria synthesizing cyclopropane fatty acid"
○Shuntaro Machida, Yoshihiro Shiraiwa, Iwane Suzuki

■ 2015/07/10

Prof. Dr. Yoshiro Shiraiwa gave plenary lecture at 5th UL Algae Conference in The University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The title was "Algal bioremediation of water contaminated by radionuclides and the concentration of microelements".